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A Real Plan to Grow Maine’s Economy and Create Jobs

Maine is one of the greatest places to live in America, with incredible natural resources, strong schools and hardworking families.  But we’re losing employers to places like New Hampshire, Canada and even Massachusetts – that shouldn’t happen. That’s why we have a plan to create jobs and restore Maine’s vibrant economy.

- Cut the taxes that hurt Maine small businesses so we can ensure jobs for everyone and attract new employers to our state

- Partner businesses and education leaders to ensure our children and our workers have the skills they need for the jobs of the future

- Reduce burdensome regulations that hurt businesses and send our jobs out state and out of the country


kid.jpgImprove Public Schools and Hold the Line on Property Taxes

Our members are deeply committed to improving kindergarten through 12th grade education without costing homeowners more… we know strong public schools have always contributed to Maine’s economy and helped ensure our children have the knowledge and skills to succeed. 

- Ensure Maine’s public schools have the funding and resources they need to give our children the bright future they deserve

- Make sure the legislature fulfills its school funding obligations as required by law without raising taxes and without increasing property taxes

- Support a statewide teacher’s contract that would create level, fair salaries between rural and wealthy school districts because every child is important no matter where their parents live




couple.jpgCut Taxes for Families and Small Businesses

No one in Maine thinks they should pay higher taxes – which is why we’re focused on real reforms that protect taxpayers. Retirees should be able to live in their homes without fear of higher property taxes that would force them to move. Taxes that stifle small businesses means they can’t grow, expand and thrive. And higher taxes on individuals force some of the most creative Mainers to take their ideas to other states.

Eliminate wasteful spending and continue to reform welfare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation and other government programs that while well intentioned, burden taxpayers  and too-often fail to help recipients get ahead

Focus tax cuts that will help stimulate the economy and create new industries and new jobs because higher productivity and more workers help reduce the tax burden on all working families